Friday, January 29, 2010

This is what working in an audit firm does to you

Now, before i get started, i have got nothing against audit firms, but i do have friends working or have worked in audit firms before and you know who you are if you are reading this. :)

For aspiring auditors, accountants and financiers out there, working in a reputable audit firm is a must for their first few years after they graduate. Call it what you want, working in such a place is "a rite of passage" before one is deemed "worthy" to join the elite in the numerical world and from there forth, gaining the prestigious title of a Chartered Accountant. Having said this, it is no different from how in certain tribes, there are rituals of blood letting, getting bitten by bullet ants, wrestling with crocodiles to the more common circumcision, all to gain their manhood. Want to find out more? Visit this site for more information on how boys become men, if they survive of course. hehehe

Looking back at myself, i had my trials too as a kid. Not so drastic as the examples above, but still rather drastic if u look at it. It ranges from anything from confronting a pack of stray dogs in my neighborhood, jumping off a 2 storey high structure, camping in the woods to cycling off to a neighboring town. I was indistructible in my teens and thinking back now after a good 15 years, my more matured senses kick in trying to comprehend how i survived all that. At that time, it was something that i thought would impress others around me, to gain acceptance amongst my peers but little did i know, that for all it's worth, it was my own rite of passage, they were the things i did to prove to myself that i have done these thing, and most of all, to impress and appease the me in me.

Coming back to the world of numbers, here's what happens to a fresh debutant in his first month of work. My best wishes to him.

David: Taken during our church anniversary

Mr. Jingles: No, i don't think he works in an audit firm, but i'm sure he works hard too.


Fyin said...

hehe mr. jingles can sleep in such funny place....

v.Hah said...

yahlo, dunno if he is really sleeping or pretending to sleep in order to look cute or if he is trying to con mickey into a false sense of security.... lol

sel said...

haha...poor david! and perhaps mr. jing does work just as hard! although I suspect he would have more work/life balance than David